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LiiPoo offers you the following unique features and advantages:

1. Real-time monitoring of temperature changes during a fever, helping you better understand the fever condition of your baby or family members.

2. The high-temperature reminder feature not only monitors temperature but also allows you to set a predetermined temperature value for real-time fever alerts, providing more intelligent health information.

3. Real-time remote monitoring strategy: If you're away on a business trip or not at home, LiiPoo can provide remote temperature monitoring to ensure you can stay informed about any fever situation at any time.

4. Data recording and reporting function: LiiPoo can record the entire temperature change during a fever, making it easier for doctors to understand the fever status and identify potential risks.

In summary, choosing LiiPoo means you'll have a highly intelligent health monitoring device that can assist you in exercising more scientifically and safely, ultimately improving your overall health and well-being.