our company is composed of many professionals including outstanding bioengineers, material engineers, designers, data analysts and  sports professionals.  Over the past six years, we have been developing our product - a non-invasive, wearable device for continuous tracking and analysis of sweat composition. The mission of AbsolutSweat is, through sweat analysis, to provide continuous digital representations of people's sports performance and efficiency. Our aim is to inspire individuals to exceed their expectations and potentials by employing detailed, scientifically measured, and personalized workout regimens. We believe that people have endless desire and potential to keep improving. We are here to ensure every step is continuously recorded and analyzed, and thus more effective in aiding your performance progress.

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Liipoo is redefining the way we manage our health, enabling consumers to access, understand and act on their personal biology at home. At present, it has formed a certain core competitiveness in multiple interdisciplinary fields. The products or services launched include brush coreⓇwireless electronic thermometer, brush coreⓇcontinuous glucose monitoring system, intelligent biosensing system BIOSYS, wearable sweat analysis system RESA, Urine monitoring system, centralized digital body temperature monitoring system RESYS, digital microfluidic system BIODROP, and a variety of biosensors, biochip MS02, etc.

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