Liipoo Knee and Leg Massagers with Ice and Heated Therapy, Portable Air Compression Massagers for Pain Relief, 5 Modes & 3 Pressure Intensities Massagers for Sports Recovery, Muscle Relaxation

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  • Hot & Ice Therapy : Our knee and Leg massagers has both cold and hot therapy, which can effectively help you recover from knee surgery or muscle soreness after exercise. Compared to hot therapy technology, portable ice therapy technology is more difficult, but we managed to break through this problem and achieve 0°ice in just 3 seconds!
  • Leg and Knee Massage: Compared with traditional vibration massage, we use compression massage which is more conducive to muscle relaxation, its massage position are designed according to human ergonomics, which is more effectively promotes knee joint fluid circulation
  • 5 Modes & 3 Pressure Intensities: It has five modes which include ice , hot, weak heat, cold and hot, and alternating hot and cold. After exercise, it is recommended to apply ice immediately to relieve pain and fatigue; Before exercising and regularly relaxing, use a hot mode to relieve soreness. If the temperature is too high, you can choose a weak heat or other modes
  • Portable and Comfortable: Compared with an ice pack, it is more convenient to carry and store, weighs only 1kg, and can be used for 120 minutes after 2 hours of charging, while It uses skin-friendly fabrics for ventilation and comfort, applies to knee, thigh and calf.
  • Perfect Gifts: Our knee and leg massager comes with additional extension straps that can be used by people of any size.They are designed to promote blood circulation prevent muscle spasms, fatigue. Whether you are an athlete, a nurse, a teacher, a flight crew, a receptionist, an office worker, a patient recovering,our Knee massagers gifts are suitable for you
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RapidCool/RapidHeat Knee Defender

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Liipoo lce and Heated Therapy
Leg Massagers Help athletes score goalsin the European Football Cup

Newly Released

Multi-functional Recovery Device (Cold / Hot Compress, Apply pressure Massage)
Knee and Leg Massagers with lce and Heated Therapy

3 in1 Multi-Functional

Cold Compress
Hot Compress
Apply Air Compression Massage
Quick Pain Relief, Accelerate
Recovery, Injury Preventio

Low-Temperature Body Functional Recovery Technology

Utilizing cryotherapy to effectively alleviate muscle fatigue and inflammation, accelerating recovery

Pressure-Cycle Relaxation Lactic Acid Elimination Technology

Through precise pressure cycles, effectively eliminating lactic acid,reducing muscle soreness, and fatigue.

Cold-Hot Alternating Relaxation Therapy.

With a unique cold-hot alternating mechanism, it alleviates muscle tension, promotes blood circulation, and accelerates recovery

P.R.I.C.E. Therapy

Integrating Protection,Rest,lce,Compression, and Elevation principles to comprehensively prevent sports injuries allowing you to engage in high-intensity training with greater peace of mind

Five Powerful Modes,Complete Protection.

Recommend using the ice mode immediately after exercise using the heat mode for pre-exercise warm-up and regular relaxation,and employing the heat-ice alternating mode during the subacute and recovery phases

Dynamic Airbag:0-300 mmHg with Multi-Level Compression

Engineered with airbag mechanics to assist cold-heat effects,
boosting blood circulation and accelerating lactic acid
climination.Designed for athletesit relievcs muscle
tension and eases DOMS.

3-Second instant Cooling for Rapid Recovery.

Features five quiet,high-speed fans andadvanced semiconductor materias palred with temperature-conductive silicone,Qui ck-cool technology swiftly eases sports pain and reduces swelling,helping you return to competition faster.

Lightweight Revolution Limitless Thermal Therapy

Revolutionary Portable Cold and Heat Therapy Device. Professional recovery made accessible. At only 1.2 KG, it's ideal for athletes on the go-whether traveling for competitions or training at home, Effortless, efficient recovery anytime, anywhere.

Smart Cold - Heat Control up to 50°c

NTC precision temperature control: 0°C to 50°C with 1°C fine adjustment, Surpassing boundaries with cold and heat, pioneering a new paradigm in sports recovery.

Smartphone-Enabled Recovery Management

Supports app connections,allowing an Al personal physiotherapist to qenerate customized recovery plans based on sport type, fatigue level, and body part. Let XPOLAR accompany you on every step of your recovery journey.

Suitable for Knee

Thigh Areas


Packing List

❶XPOLAR X2 Sports Recovery Device
❷Standard Free Adjustable Straps
❸Portable Carry Bag
❹Type-C Charging Cable

Thigh Areas 46-58.
Knee 38-44.
Shin 35-40.

Non-Medical Product Disclaimer

XPOLAR devices are independently developed, produced, and sold by the XPOLAR brand for sports recovery.They are designed for the recovery of human muscles and soft tissues, help prevent sports injuries, relieve body soreness,and enhance athletic performance but are not a substitute for any medical device. lf you have any diseases or discomfot in any part of the body, please consult a professional doctor.XPOLAR products cannot cure any diseases or solve medicaproblems, and no medical compensation claims will be entertained.
Moderate recovery is beneficial for muscle relaxation; however, do not use XPOLAR products to massage the same area for extended periods. Adjust the massage duration based on your actual

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Aikz D.
Works really well

I bought this for my knees after playing pickleball. IT WORKS REALLY help to release some of the pain. I use it everyday...even days I don't play pickleball.

Kim B.
Feels good on my knees

Got this for my mom,She just had her knee surgery.this seems to work pretty well.It is easy for anyone to use. Simple to operate, you dont need to have full language support. The quality is ok.

works well

It's very easy to get started with this device right out of the box. Immediately, it feels great right away. I use it many times, so it works very well. The charge holds for a good length of time and really feels soothing on my knees!

Gina S.
Knee massager

This knee massager has both heat, Ice and Air CompressionTherapy along with the massaging action,I found the heat to be nice on my knee.My husband was also able to use this

Shelly P.
Soothing, reduces pain

This portable knee massager really is effective.The combination of heat, Ice and Air CompressionTherapy, Portable Massagers for Pain Relief, 5 Modes & 3 Pressure Intensities Massagersmany choice for choose the right one you want, and massage absolutely reduced my knee pain. I found that running it great, it was most effective.