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Your Scientific Physical Trainer: We often experience muscle soreness, dizziness and over fatigue during exercise, this is because our body loses metabolism of water, potassium, sodium,and sugar. By steady effort, we have developed an intelligent wearable sweat monitor device hydration tracker, which can monitor the consumption of metabolites in our sweat in real time, provide suggestions for systematic training and scientific supply, enhance our body's fatigue resistance and tolerance!

  • Exercise Intensity Monitoring and Fatigue Injury Warning: We can provide accurate progress measurement, which can continuously and real-time monitor the time distribution of your physical exertion during exercise. You will be alerted by your app avoid sports injuries caused by low glucose and low electrolytes. It is possible to accurately obtain changes in the concentration of metabolites in the body without lab
  • Energy Replenishment Reminder: We can receive timely reminders for hydration through the phone, headphones, or watch, and follow the prompts to replenish fluids or energy. During the workout, we need to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of sweating, and the sweat has filled the sweat collection channels in our patches
  • Workout Report: It will generates a detailed report, including sweat component data and recommendations for hydration and supplements in future sessions. It also provides nutritional advice for the 24 hours after workout and assesses the athlete's physical condition and fatigue level. After the user accumulates data from 6 sessions, we will conduct an overall analysis of the workout data which will make personalized exercise recommendations based on your body's metabolism to enhance tolerance
  • How To Use: You can obtain the free application on the Apple App Store and Android store.After downloading the app, you need to pair it with your phone and assemble the device with the sweat-testing patches. Assembly should be done following our instructions. Ensure that the metal pointers of the device perfectly align with the patches, we recommend placing the product on the chest. It come with 12 sweat patches, which must be exchanged for new ones after each use and cannot be reused
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Sweat Fitness Tracker

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Our Patented Process

Our self-developed sensor is embedded on the patch. After sweat enters the sweat patch, it undergoes a chemical reaction with the biosensitive material attached to the sweat patch, forming an electrical signal. The sensor on the patch transmits this electrical signal, which is then collected, analyzed, and transmitted by the detection module.

Personalized Hydration Plan: Eliminate Guesswork,No longer solely relying on"drink when thirsty."

Eliminate guesswork about hydration.AbsolutSweat provides you with a personalized hydration plan, taking into account factors such as gender, age, height, weight, health level, and more. No longer relying on traditional "drink when thirsty" reactions, but obtaining precise data for a more scientific and effective hydration process.

Eliminates Impractical Hydration Testing Strategies

1. Inconvenient Testing Environment Blood/Urine Analysis,Sending a sample to a lab or doing a test on your own is both highly complex and impractical.

2. No Real-Time Monitoring & Feedback Traditional tests are a one-off evaluation of the physiologic state post-exercise instead of throughout.

3. Lack of Data Types Patches that are more user-friendly can only acquire certaindata, missing out on important biomarkers.

AbsolutSweat Eliminating inconvenient and expensive testing methods that hinder activities brings many benefits to athletes seeking to improve their training regimen.

Helps Prevent Dehydration Consequences

Electrolyte imbalance can cause:
1. Increased Heart Rate
2. Increased Respiratory Rate
3. Decreased Blood Pressure

All the physiological changes created by dehydration can lead to
cardiovascular stress and fatigue, resulting in decreased performance, Long-term may lead to insomnia.

Highly Accurate Laboratory Test Datareplication, Comfortable To Wear.

Traditional products have the following issues:

1. Utilizing sensors to collect resistance values for data calculation, resulting in low accuracy.

2. Possible detachment after contact with sweat.

3. Hard plastic sensors do not allow natural sweat flow, potentially altering the environment and tampering with sweat samples. AbsolutSweat not only remains attached after contact with sweat out also ensures comfort during wear.

Our patented sensors and electrochemical testing method accurately replicate laboratory data, eliminating inaccuracies in testing, improving comfort during wear, and addressing detachment issues.

Optimizing Athletic Performance: Crafting Pre-Race Energy Supplementation Plans for Triathletes and Mountain Bike Racers.

Assist triathletes and mountainbike racers in devising pre-raceenergy supplementation plans to delay fatigue and enhance athletic performance.

Enhancing Road Cyclists' Performance:

Road cyclists receive real-time hydration alerts through their watches or headphones duringthe race, preventing dehydration and enhancing athletic performance.

Optimizing Post-Match Recovery: Leveraging App-Provided 24-Hour Hydration And Energy Data For Peak Performance In Tight Schedules:

After a soccer match, football players accelerate physical recovery by using the 24-hour hydration and energy replenishment data provided by the App. This allows them to face tight schedules for subsequent matches in their optimal condition.

Precision Recovery With AbsolutSweat: Accurate Nutrition And Energy Guidance For Optimal Post-Exercise Recovery;

AbsolutSweat knows exactly how much you consume, it gives you the most accurate advice on the nutrition and energy replacement needed to recover after exercise.This ensures optimal recovery,without overloading your body with nutrients.

Energize Your Day: Morning Workout Strategies For White-Collar Professionals :

If you're a morning workout enthusiast and a white-collar professional, waking up at 5 AM for a run,scientifically replenishing during exercise, and precisely supplementing based on our post-exercise recommendations will not only energize you for the day but also prevent excessive replenishment after exercise.

Empower Your Clients: Personalized Fitness Energy Plans With AbsolutSweat For Fitness Coaches:

lf you're a fitness coach, you can use AbsolutSweat to create personalized fitness energy supplementation plans for your clients, assisting them in achieving their fitness goals.

Let's get started with AbsolutSweat.

Customer Reviews

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Good fitness tracker

I'm wearing this sweat tracker when i sporting, it provides me with a personalized hydration plan, taking into account factors such as gender, age, height, weight, health level, and more. with precise data for a more scientific and effective hydration process.Obviously, the more you use it ,the more you love it , i've been really pleased with it.

Great value

Great value and easy to setup. When reach a dehydration threshold during exercise, real-time supply messages (including the type and quantity of supplements) are sent to their phone or watch, reminding them to replenish scientifically. i love it

Karen k
Excellent Value! I'm totally satisfied.

This fitness tracker has been wonderful for my needs. I can easily check the record the amount of potassium ions, sodium ions, electrolytes, glucose and concentration changes during exercise in real time. it will track your body chemical consumption in real time, so as to judge your body fatigue level and exercise intensity, and remind you whether there is a potential exercise risk, which is very useful. I love it, Great value.

Good product. very useful for professional fitness enthusiasts

I'm a badminton player and I've been invited to test this sweat tracker. When I first got this product, I still had a lot of doubts, I didn't know what its function was. After using it for a while, I found that it can be called your real physical trainer. After you exercise once, it will track your body chemical consumption in real time, so as to judge your body fatigue level and exercise intensity, and remind you whether there is a potential exercise risk, which is very useful for professional fitness enthusiasts. Meanwhile, it will give you a physical fitness test report, which includes your best exercise time before and after exercise, replenishment time, rest time and scientific nutrition supplement advice, so love this product!

Surprise! Great Product

As a professional fitness coach, I saw this product on social media. I have been using professional equipment to monitor my physical condition before and after exercise, so I bought it and tried it for a period of time. To my surprise, its data was the same accurate compared it with other professional equipment. It can make accurate statistics on your body's energy consumption and give the most scientific supplementary suggestions. Compared with other sports watches or bracelets, it will be more scientific and accurate, because it can record the amount of potassium ions, sodium ions, electrolytes, glucose and concentration changes during exercise in real time, just like your nutritional health teacher, which is a great innovation!