The company was founded in 2016, and it is based on an independently developed intelligent biosensing chip platform. The company focuses on the research and application of wearable, miniaturized, and portable intelligent biosensors, primarily in the fields of precision medicine and large-scale health. Currently, the company has applied for over 120 patents, including multiple foundational patents in biosensors, and has established a comprehensive technological roadmap in the field of intelligent biosensing.


During exercise, the real-time analysis of human sweat can remind the body of the risk of injury (dehydration caused by ion loss), evaluate the intensity and effect of exercise (body building and weight loss), and form nutrition supplement strategies (guiding nutrition).


Committed to becoming a world-class, highly intelligent health monitoring brand that can assist you in various ways to exercise more scientifically and safely, ultimately improving your health.


Accompany you to enjoy efficient, scientific, reasonable sports.

The world's first wearable smart sweat analyzer,Scientific replenishment strategy,relieve fatigue and accelerate recovery!

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