The company was founded in 2016, and it is based on an independently developed intelligent biosensing chip platform. The company focuses on the research and application of wearable, miniaturized, and portable intelligent biosensors, primarily in the fields of precision medicine and large-scale health. Currently, the company has applied for over 120 patents, including multiple foundational patents in biosensors, and has established a comprehensive technological roadmap in the field of intelligent biosensing.


During exercise, the real-time analysis of human sweat can remind the body of the risk of injury (dehydration caused by ion loss), evaluate the intensity and effect of exercise (body building and weight loss), and form nutrition supplement strategies (guiding nutrition).


Committed to becoming a world-class, highly intelligent health monitoring brand that can assist you in various ways to exercise more scientifically and safely, ultimately improving your health.


Accompany you to enjoy efficient, scientific, reasonable sports.

The world's first wearable smart sweat analyzer,Scientific replenishment strategy,relieve fatigue and accelerate recovery!

About Liipoo

Your Partner in Scientific and Efficient Exercise

At Liipoo, we believe that exercise is more than just an activity; it’s a way of life. Our story began with a passion for sports and health, a passion that inspired us to create a brand dedicated to enhancing everyone’s exercise experience. Liipoo was founded on a simple yet powerful belief: everyone should be able to exercise scientifically and efficiently while enjoying the benefits and joy that come with it.

Our founding team consists of professionals who are passionate about fitness and well-being. They realized that the lack of scientific guidance and proper recovery methods in daily workouts often led to suboptimal results and injuries. Therefore, Liipoo is committed to providing high-quality health and sports products and professional sports rehabilitation products to help sports enthusiasts achieve their fitness goals.

At Liipoo, our products are more than just tools; they are your partners on your fitness journey. We continuously innovate, leveraging the latest scientific research and technology to design products that meet various exercise needs. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, we aim to make your workouts more scientific and efficient through our products.

To ensure that every sports enthusiast can enjoy the pleasure of exercise, we also pay special attention to the recovery process after workouts. Our sports rehabilitation products are designed to help athletes alleviate discomfort caused by exercise, accelerate body recovery, and prepare them for the next challenge.

Liipoo is not just a brand; it’s a community. We encourage every sports lover to share their stories and experiences, inspire each other, and progress together. We believe that scientific exercise can not only improve physical fitness but also bring mental joy and satisfaction.

Whether it’s daily workouts, professional training, high-intensity sports, or gentle rehabilitation, Liipoo is always by your side. Let’s work together to exercise scientifically, stay happy and healthy, face every new challenge, and achieve a better self.

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