AbsolutSweat FAQ

1. Can the Absolutsweat be worn on the forehead or arm?

We suggest users wear it on the chest. Based on our research, the sweating rate and perspiration level at the chest are relatively moderate.
Therefore, all our data is currently based on the chest position. We are also testing sweat data on the arm. When the testing is completed, we will update or notify through the app.

2. Can the sweat patch be reused?

No, for ensuring the accuracy of each data test, it is disposable. If the patch becomes contaminated with any other substances, we also do not recommend its reuse.

3. Does the patch easily come off during exercise?

No, it isn't. We use 3M medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive with PET material. We have conducted a three-year test to ensure user comfort and prevent it from falling off.
We recommend applying moderate pressure on the patch and ensuring the skin surface is dry and clean to help it adhere better.

4. How to handle un-detect patch?

The used patches can be disposed of directly into the trash because the complete packaging list of the product is ROHS certified and meets the restricted requirements listed in
Proposition 65 list of California Bill AB 1108:2007.

5. How long battery can last for one full charge?

The Absweat tracker can be used for up to 10 hours on a full charge, and the charging case can fully charge the absolutsweat tracker approx 6 times

6. How long is max duration for 1 patch test? (highest accuracy)

Users wearing our patches for exercise can do so for a maximum duration of 6 hours

7. Is it possible to split 1 patch to 2 exercise? is it effect accuracy?

When using the patches for exercise, users can pause for rest mid-way, but it's recommended that the rest duration be less than 15 minutes. The rest time during the process will affect the accuracy of the data, but the total time cannot exceed 6 hours.

8. Is it possible to buy 1 device and share with friends?

The device can be easily shared with friends.However, each person needs to log in with their own account because the data entered into each account varies (gender, height, weight, etc.).

9.Why do we need to input height and weight?

Different heights and weights can affect our data. We ask users to input their accurate body data before use.

10. Is the data from the Absolutsweat test accurate?

(1). This is an introduction to our research and development leader's profile.: Selected for Stanford University's Global Top 2% Elite Scientists 2020 List; Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, a biomedical expert. Fellow of the Royal Society in the United Kingdom. Fellow of the European Academy of Humanities and Natural Sciences. Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Engineering.
(2). Biosensors collect electrical signals directly from sensitive materials reacting with metabolites, resulting in greater sensitivity, interference resistance, and consistency.
(3). In terms of production and quality assurance, we utilize fully automatic sensitive material coating machines to ensure uniform and consistent coating quantities.
(4). We have over 60 research and development engineers, and we have conducted uninterrupted testing with athletes, sports schools, and research institutes worldwide for five years. Our test data is close to that of biochemical laboratories. Professional athlete tests can be viewed on the platform. For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaRfRgf5_Io


11. How long would it take to fully charge from 0% battery?

Charger case 3 hours ; Absolutsweat tracker 3 hours.

12. I have been using the device but am not getting any data ?

(1). Please check the prompts in the app to ensure that Refill patches, Tracker, and the app are all connected.
(2). Please confirm if the app has been updated to the latest version, or delete the app and reinstall the latest version.
(3). Ensure that there is sufficient sweat entering the patch during exercise.

13. Can the Absolutsweat tracker be used during swimming ?

Our product is not suitable for use during swimming. It requires ample sweat to enter our adhesive patch for sweat data analysis. During our maximum supported 6-hour activity, sweat on the patch is constantly flowing out. In other words, sweat is continuously moving within our patch.